Installation of handling system for palletized load units

On 12/09/16 we started with leading customers in the distribution agroalimetare a fully automated system with elavtori / descenders type 304 stainless mast with cradle on the z axis for housing conveyor rullie and various conveyors for handling UDC wooden pallette and plastic 800X1200 and 1000×1200 kg.1000.
The vertical translational movement of the cradle will be driven by full recovery system rolling bearings games on the two assi.Il lifting axis z is obtained by means of two chains fixed to a rocker arm mounted on the structure.
Lifting and all other engines will be driven by motorid.Seweurodrive and to avoid the accidental fall of the platform (breakage or motor abnormalities) an instantaneous safety parachute pack is installed.

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